Location   Mumbai, India
Client      Supreme Housing & Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.
Project Cost   INR 3 Billion
Land Area   32 acres with Phase 1 of 8 acres
Timelines     2008 – 2011 (Phase 1)
Scope of Work    Project Audit, Peer Review
Project Team    Raja Aederi (Architecture), JW Consultants (Structural Engg.)

Project Supreme is a Mixed Used development over a land area of 32 Acres constituting in Phase 1, an IT Office development, a parking Helix, residential villas and a 5-star Hotel. In Phase 2, a large residential development is planned.

The IT Office development and the parking Helix are under construction, while the villas and the hotel are in an advanced engineering stage.

  • Quantity surveying & RA bills reconciliation
  • Project schedule audit & progress status reporting