Advisory Services

Across & Beyond provides a range of specialised  Services for diverse building projects as a single point of focus including Detailed project Appraisal, Value Engineering, Peer Review and Project Monitoring.

Advisory Service  are designed to help you achieve the BEST VALUE PROPOSITION for your asset (land, existing buildings to be refurbished, etc.). This project delivery model is what we refer as the ‘Conception to Completion’ model.

The benefits for you:

  • Across & Beyond is solely responsible for all deliverables on the project thereby providing the Client with a single point of contact & decision making even for large & complicated projects.
  • Access to latest knowledge of all complex issues impacting a project.
  • Access to rich data sets for Feasibility Analysis.
  • Access to a pool of experts under one Contract - Financial, Technical and Managerial.
  • Higher probability of arriving at the highest rewards/ lowest risks option for development.

Client Briefing

  • Site Analysis
  • Regulatory Constraints/Opportunities
  • Market & Precedent Studies
  • Risk Identificatin & Mitigatin Matrix 


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