Project Management

Certainty of outcome is an absolute priority for any client undertaking a capital intensive project. Under Project Management Services we provide you the highest possible levels of certainty, and the full support of a talented and experienced team, from Conception to Completion.

Across & Beyond can act as Client’s representative on their projects and advise them throughout the project lifecycle. Across & Beyond will play a critical part during the Project Feasibility & Definition phases; Bring on-board and manage other Client contracted entities – Consultants, Project Management Consultants, Contractors, etc as & when required by the Project.

This delivery method can be used on projects requiring highly specific expertise with lesser availability of precedence. Examples of such projects could be high end golf courses, super tall structures & other unique structures that require advanced engineering analysis. In such cases, Across & Beyond can bring international consultants on board for expert advice such as on Wind & Façade Engineering, Structural & MEP Peer Review, etc.

The benefits for you:

  • Greater visibility of project progress.
  • Timely and relevant reporting to all stakeholders.
  • More efficient and effective use of resources.
  • Continuous performance improvement.
  • Greater certainty of outcome.

Project Commissioning & Handover

  • Project Commissioning & Handover
  • As-Built Drawings/Closeout Documentation
  • Contractor Warranties
  • Defect Liabilities Process
  • Financial Closure
  • Project Completion Report & Lessons Learned

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