There were not many precedents for design and construction of a 300 meter residential tower in India, however bringing Across & Beyond on board early in the design phase has been one of the best decisions we have made on Project Minerva. High Rise construction requires expertise uncommon in conventional construction such as Wind and Façade Engineering. Our site constraints also demanded Traffic Engineering and Simulation. Because of their prior experience with these methodologies, Across & Beyond has consistently identified our requirements and brought about a seamless integration of overseas expert consultants with the best design teams in India.

It has been a pleasure working with Across & Beyond during the course of last year on our niche project. The nature of our project requires the Consultant to share our visioning besides being conversant with the regulatory constraints to produce an efficient design. Across & Beyond has performed exceedingly well on both fronts and we hope to continue our association with them throughout this project.

Across & Beyond has a young, dynamic, positive and a highly skilled team for development management of any large residential project. They have been a revelation at every stage of the project –whether it was providing accurate feasibility analysis, master planning, approval drawings or with their efforts on effective marketing; they have demonstrated professionalism. They have a rare ability to plug any gaps in the developer’s team besides taking up the entire ownership of the project. We recognize that their constant efforts are critical to the success of our project and are absolutely thrilled to have them on our team.

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